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Light Weight

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Our Medium Weight refrigerated trucks are made with panels and floors made individually in our Henderson factory. An efficient sub-zero refrigerated vehicle.

We manufacture vans with a projected, minimum, life span of minimum of 8- 10years. We have achieved this already with one Company’s still using three of our vans that are in excellent condition after eight years on a refrigerated hire company in Sydney. The owners have passed accolades on their performance and endurance over local produced vans. These vans are working 7 days a week with multiple users!

We manufacture these vans on the same dimensions that are in general use throughout Australia. Height and length can be changed to suit the client but wall, roof and floor dimensions are for the same standard that is required to hold temperature.

Because we plan the working requirements with the future owner, we can produce any dimensions that are custom made for his/her work prescription.

The bases are built in our workshop utilizing methods that are proven, with 75 mm steel bearers, Australian steel standards, foam filled between the bearers and covered with 20mm structural ply. The base is then fully glassed to ensure that it is completely sealed before we commence installing the walls, roof and rear frame with the requested doors.

Side doors are cut in to the walls, with attractive metal pressings for the frame. Side doors can be placed in most areas of the walls at client’s request. We make and fit personal and pallet side doors.

Rear doors are manufactured in our factory to custom fit the van, allowing the client to have any internal/external height that is required. We are catering for the clients requirements!

Rear doors can be either Toddco refrigerated, Triple or barn doors with a selection of a variety of high quality hardware. These can be either Stainless steel or Galvanised.

External corners are covered with aluminium extrusions. Internal corners are glassed in to stop water damage. We do not use silicon in corners to stop water entry, as do many others in the market.

We are utilizing top quality fibreglass procedures with highly skilled tradesmen and the end product matches any high quality refrigerated van available in Australia. We do not use adhesives or imported skins from overseas, but manufacture our own fibreglass skins and purchase quality fibreglass products from proven Australian suppliers!

Repairing Stay Cool vans are achievable with anyone with good fibreglass skills if needed!

If you are planning a good quality van, the benefits are clearly obvious!

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