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Semi Trailers

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  • We are a Western Australian Firm that builds for the extreme harsh North West/Top end conditions in a triple road train configeration.
  • Our trailers are Australian made . Not assembled in Australia with imported products as many others are.
  • Our trailers are fully glassed on all walls/roof/base externally/internally with no aluminium extrusions& rivets as many others are.
  • Superior Composite materials are used to keep weight down, while still maintaining quality strength to help your maximum payload.
  • Bearers every 400mm full width and full length from front to rear. Extra bearers for the first 2400mm for critical impact area. We install checker plate at rear for added protection. Our floors are made for heavy duty work.
  • Full gloss white gel-coat on all exterior.
  • Full gloss white gel-coat finish on road side base. No other manufacture does this extra finish. We do, because it shows we care!
  • Stay Cool has added black pigment to our white gel-coat when spraying. This stops all UV rays from penetrating the walls/roof, decreasing heat penetration.
  • Stay Cool prefers a full length sub frame that extends huge strength to trailer that allows you to go off road with no fears for your trailer.
  • Suspension and axles your choice.
  • No glass or lightweight pressings on the rear of Stay Cool vans. Just heavy duty Australian standards, Galvanised 6mm steel, to take those big hits we all hate to hear!
  • Fluted rear doors with a heavy duty galvanised mesh front wall guard to ensure that your load receives maximum air flow.
  • Side doors at your preferred location and recessed roof at rear for evaporators if required.
  • We build to your exact requirements. Our vans are not a mass production where one size fits all!
  • You can visit our factory and have personal input whilst we are manufacturing your van
  • Last but not least, our vans would look “Super Cool” in your fleet.

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